Glamour eye cream

Our product is specially formulated to fit the needs
of the delicate area around the eyes. It helps freshen up the skin,
make it look smoother and firm, while hydrates it all at the same time.

Glamour eye cream helps to get rid of the tired look and puffiness around eyes. It improves the appearance of dark circles and makes the skin around the eyes look fresher. Our cream comes in a convenient packaging which is easy to use and carry around.

Main benefits

eyes are the first part of the face that gets affected as time passes by,
because the skin there is really delicate. Our formula is specially created to treat
the side effects of time and contains pure retinol and an essential mineral complex.
The formula starts to work immediately and smooths the skin’s surface.

Usage tips

Apply the cream in small dots around the eye area. Make sure that eye area is clean and dry. Gently smooth until thoroughly absorbed. can use gentle, circular motions that imitate massage moves to stimulate and improve flow. can use it alone or under makeup in the morning. Safe to use daily.

Stick with it

It is important to be consistent when it comes to skin care routine and taking care of any body part. The benefits from most cream can be seen over time. This is especially true for eye creams, because the ingredients in them take time to adjust to skin and to see some results.

Protect skin

eye care routine should not end with applying the right cream. If want to protect eyes and keep them looking fresh, make sure that wear a sunscreen during the day, especially in summer. Invest in quality sunglasses that will protect not only eyes, but will keep the skin in eye area covered and protected as well.

  • Rosehip oil

  • Hibiscus extract

  • Sunflower seed oil

  • Rosemary leaf extract

About our product
  • Helps reduce eye puffiness

  • 0.5 - fluid ounce tube of eye cream

  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles

  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes

Price: € 32.00


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